Study of Local Wind Field in Georgia

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Marika R. Tatishvili
Zurab V. Khvedelidze
Inga G. Samkharadze
Ana M. Palavandishili


The complex relief of Georgian territory has definite influence on air masses motion in atmosphere lower layers. Mainly west and eastern atmospheric processes prevailed over Georgian territory. Current geodynamics and orographic properties of Georgia play an important role in formation of weather various patterns. Such complex relief conditions the formation and evolution of various scaled circulation systems and heterogeneous spatial distribution of meteorological elements. This is verified by the fact, that such important parameter as wind annual distribution has diverse type, with sharply expressed spatial inhomogeneities.

The wind is one of most important meteorological element used both in science and energetic industry. However, its origin and nature isn’t well understood yet. Wind direction and value in atmosphere surface layer is depending on local geographic conditions. Meteorological observation 1960-2017 data is used to carry out investigation.

, local wind field, renewable energy, wind velocity repeatability

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Tatishvili, M. R., Khvedelidze, Z. V., Samkharadze, I. G., & Palavandishili, A. M. (2019). Study of Local Wind Field in Georgia. Journals of Georgian Geophysical Society, 22(1). Retrieved from


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