Pollution of the Black Sea by Oil Products. Its Monitoring and Forecasting

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Avtandil A. Kordzadze
Demuri I. Demetrashvili


In the paper the current state of the Black Sea pollution by oil products is reviewed. The significant attention is paid to a satellite radar monitoring of the sea surface pollution. The paper contains also short description of the numerical models on simulation and forecasting of oil spill dispersion in the sea environment. Some result on simulation of oil pollution distribution in the Georgian water area based on advection-diffusion equation in conditions of real regional circulation  is presented.


Black Sea, pollution by oil products, numerically modeling
Published: Feb 13, 2019

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Kordzadze, A. A., & Demetrashvili, D. I. (2019). Pollution of the Black Sea by Oil Products. Its Monitoring and Forecasting. Journals of Georgian Geophysical Society, 21(2). Retrieved from https://ggs.openjournals.ge/index.php/GGS/article/view/2526


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