The results of the Research of Machavariani Street Landslide by Electroprospecting and Seismic Methods

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Nodar D. Varamashvili
Malkhaz G. Gigiberia
Jemal K. Kiria
Nugzar Ya. Ghlonti


By means of geophysical methods (seismic and electromagnetic methods) it is possible to determine various characteristics of the geological environment. Seismic methods allow us to determine the elastic parameters of the environment (density, Poisson's ratio, Young's dynamic modulus, etc.), and with the help of electroprospecting methods electromagnetic characteristics of the geological environment (resistance, conductivity, etc.). From the results of the complex search, we can draw conclusions about the structure and humidity of the subsurface of the studied area. The paper presents the results of the studies conducted on the landslide that developed on Machavariani street in Tbilisi. Seismic surveys were conducted using the method of refracted waves and seismic tomography, and electrical surveys were conducted using the methods of vertical electrical sounding and natural electric field. Based on the analysis of the received results, conclusions have been made about the depths of the landslide scarps, the mechanical condition of rocks, their humidity and the possible presence of underground water flows

longitudinal waves, transverse waves, seismic tomography, electroprospecting, vertical electrical sounding, natural electric field
Published: Dec 13, 2022

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Varamashvili, N. D. ., Gigiberia, M. G. ., Kiria, J. K. ., & Ghlonti, N. Y. . (2022). The results of the Research of Machavariani Street Landslide by Electroprospecting and Seismic Methods. Journals of Georgian Geophysical Society, 25(2).


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