Comparative Analysis of Earth’s Climate and Solar and Geomagnetic Activities

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Luka M. Burdiladze
Alexandre P. Gurchumelia
Oleg A. Kharshiladze


This paper investigates the intricate relationship between solar activity and Earth's climate and geomagnetic activity, utilizing data spanning from 1974 to 2021. Analyzing monthly averaged measures such as Wolf number, total solar irradiance (TSI), global ocean temperature anomalies (GOTA), and Ap index of geomagnetic disturbances, we employ various methods including linear correlation analysis, recurrence quantification analysis (RQA), and cross wavelet transform (XWT). The study reveals a periodically varying correlation between TSI and GOTA with periodicity of approximately 12 years, emphasizing the intricate interplay between solar activity and climate. The recurrence plots and RQA unveil periodicity and phase transition after 1995. XWT also show multifrequency transient event ocurring in 1996. Collectively these findings suggest that  the transient event might be related to the phase transition around this time period in the studied system.

Sun-Earth connections, solar activity, ocean temperature, Wolf number, RQA, correlation analysis, cross wavelet analysis.
Published: Dec 28, 2023

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Burdiladze, L. M., Gurchumelia, A. P., & Kharshiladze, O. A. (2023). Comparative Analysis of Earth’s Climate and Solar and Geomagnetic Activities. Journals of Georgian Geophysical Society, 26(2).


Burdiladze L., Kharshiladze O., Modebadze Z. Analysis of Solar Activity and Earth’s Climate. International Scientific Conference "Geophysical Processes in the Earth and its Envelopes". Proceedings, ISBN 978-9941-36-147-0, Publish House of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, November 16-17, 2023, pp. 210-212.

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