Acoustics in Geophysics and Geomechanics

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Nodar D. Varamashvili
Tamaz L. Chelidze
Zurab T. Chelidze
Malkhaz G. Gigiberia
Nugzar I. Ghlonti


Acoustic radiation can be initiated during various processes (landslides, mudslides, avalanches, ...). By recording and analyzing the acoustic waves that have arisen in the process of various processes, one can make important conclusions about events of interest to us. Passive and often active methods can be used to study the environment, buildings, living organisms, without damaging them. The paper presents experiments of laboratory modeling arising of acoustic impulses during landslide processes and their results. In paper is reviewed possibility using acoustic methods for monitoring and predicting landslide processes. This method allows you to create landslide monitoring and early private systems with low costs. The paper also presents the results of the study of the mechanical properties of walls of two ancient church and the degree of they damage by measurement of velocity of ultrasound waves, and tomography methods.

acoustic, landslide, Lamb waves, P-wave, S-wave, tomography

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Varamashvili, N. D., Chelidze, T. L., Chelidze, Z. T., Gigiberia, M. G., & Ghlonti, N. I. (2019). Acoustics in Geophysics and Geomechanics. Journals of Georgian Geophysical Society, 22(1). Retrieved from


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